About The Blog

Regardless of your style, your experience, your rank or your location this blog will hopefully provide some learning points, answer some questions, raise new questions and take us on a positive journey. My hope is that this blog will push us to be objective and not skewed toward any style regardless of how great (or not) it may be.
My honest opinion is that there is no perfect style. Every style has good and bad points and can learn from others. Some of these points can be the organisation that governs the art but that is a can of worms which I’m not opening (just yet).

About the Author

My name is Chandresh Lad, a student, a martial artist, an instructor and a school owner. I’ve trained in a number of styles but my style of choice is Choi Kwang Do.

Martial Arts & Me

I’ve been training in martial arts since the 90s, admittedly I started late as a teenager but have trained consistently since then. My initial motivations were very much selfish with my only objective being ‘I want to be a black belt’. As I grew up this very much changed and as I progressed I found  I could offer more to martial arts then just being a student (not that there is anything wrong with that).
Being a martial artist suited me very well, I was always quite athletic and my OCD tendencies pushed me to achieve a relatively high technical standard. I felt like I had to perfect every technique, be the best student, be the best instructor and be the best martial artist! This feeling very much defined my martial arts journey. I am very much about being the best I can be for my family, my friends and my students.

Running a Martial Arts School

My journey as a Martial Arts School owner has been far from walk in the park either. Like every other school owner out there I’ve made my fair share of mistakes and had many learning points along the way. I guess the challenge for me lies in trying to run a professional martial arts school while still holding down a full time job.
Now I’m sure there will be plenty successful martial arts school owners out there who will say there lies my issue, how can I run a successful martial arts school while still having a full time job? Well… I love my job and I love teaching so I do the best that I can to do both. It is all very much about your definition of the word success. For me, success is to do both and do them well.

Why read this Blog

I think there are lots of good blogs out there covering a wealth of topics and information. Some I must say are excellent and others not so great. I feel there is a gap in the martial arts world for my voice to be heard.
The beauty of writing a blog is that you can really divide opinions and start a debate about something you are really passionate about. I’m looking to be thorough, do my research and discuss topics which I feel students want to discuss and are looking to engage on.
I expect this blog to be controversial, to have my views thrown back. I’m ok with this. I want this blog to challenge any perceptions I have and help me be a better martial artist.

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